Nutrition at Tugulawa

Our fully qualified chef, Sandra, cooks delicious, healthy and well-balanced meals in our on-site kitchen each day. Sandra works diligently on the development of a seasonal menu, which not only satisfies our tough little food critics, but also provides at least 50% of their daily nutritional needs to support their growing bodies and minds. Our menu is crafted each week, with new and different meals incorporated regularly.  Our menu utilises the freshest ingredients, which we proudly source from local suppliers.

Within our daily fee we provide morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack. Mealtimes vary across the centre, timed to best suit the needs of our different age ranges.

Sandra’s history at Tugulawa spans many decades. Her father attended the centre back in our Bulimba Child Care Centre days, as did Sandra herself and her two daughters. She has been lovingly cooking meals at Tugulawa for over 12 years.