Designing The Program

In the first five years of life, a child’s brain develops exponentially, and at a much greater rate than at any other time in their life.

It is therefore essential, that children are at the centre of our educational program.  Our team of experienced and talented educators are committed to creating a responsive, purposeful, and holistic learning environment.

By calling on contemporary practice and relative theories, we offer a curriculum that supports and trusts the interests, strengths, agency and ideas of the children.

At Tugulawa, play and learning are intertwined.  Play is not a luxury, it is a must; it is the way children make meaning of their world, their ever-present learning. 

Our teaching team spend significant time using their professional expertise to carefully document each child’s learning journey.  This is shared with you in a variety of ways including via an online platform called Storypark, showcasing the value of what your child is experiencing at Tugulawa and making their learning visible.       

With Storypark you can:


  • Share and communicate your child’s learning journey privately with the people that matter the most to your family
  • View and share photos, videos and observations of your child’s learning whilst at Tugulawa and post photos and stories back to the educators of special moments in your child’s life outside Tugulawa.
  • Begin a record of your child’s life that you can access anytime and will cherish forever.  


Our educators use a variety of methods to document children’s learning here at Tugulawa.  These include learning stories and observations, Point in Time summative assessments, conversations, photographs and snippets of video, creative endeavours like artwork or clay sculpture and many more.

We also utilise Floorbooks which support children to add their voice to their learning, to engage, inquire and revisit it.  Simply put, Floorbooks allow children and educators to work side by side, planning and learning ‘with’ children rather than ‘for’ children. Each piece of evidence and documentation we collect, forms part of the bigger picture.  By showcasing this on Storypark, we are able to demonstrate and share how your child is developing – in real time.

You can find more information on Storypark by visiting their website here