Frequently Asked Questions

First time navigating Early Childhood Education?

Are you currently exploring the different options available to you and your family?

Below we have put together a list of our most  frequently asked questions and centre specific information. 

What are the daily fees and inclusions from January 2024?


6mth - 2 years
$ 163 Daily
  • Nappies, Wipes and Sunscreen
  • Meals - M. Tea, Lunch , A. Tea and a small late snack.
  • Educational Visitors and Local Excursions.


15mth - 2 years
$ 163 Daily
  • Nappies, Wipes and Sunscreen
  • Meals - M. Tea, Lunch , A. Tea and a small late snack.
  • Educational Visitors and Local Excursions.


2yrs - 3 yrs
$ 163 Daily
  • Nappies, Wipes and Sunscreen
  • Meals - M. Tea, Lunch , A. Tea and a small late snack.
  • Educational Visitors and Local Excursions.


2.5 Yrs - 5 Yrs
$ 163 Daily
  • Nappies, Wipes and Sunscreen
  • Meals - M. Tea, Lunch , A. Tea and a small late snack.
  • Educational Visitors and Local Excursions.


3.5 Yrs - 5 Yrs
$ 161 Daily
  • Sunscreen and wipes inc.
  • Meals - M. Tea, Lunch , A. Tea and a small late snack.
  • Educational Visitors and Local Excursions.
My child has a medical condition, allergies or dietary requirements. Can Tugulawa cater to these?

Nutrition and Dietary Requirements:

As a part of your daily fee, Tugulawa supplies morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea (and a late snack) to all children in our care.  We employ a passionate and fully qualified Chef who works on site to cook hot or cold nutritious meals for the children based on the recommended dietary standards for Australia. 

Individual dietary requirements are discussed upon enrolment in conjunction with each family, the Co-Directors, and the Nutritional Coordinator/Chef. 


Tugulawa is a nut aware service


Allergies/Medical Management Plans:

Creating an inclusive environment for all children in our care and building a strong relationship with each family are our highest priorities. 

Individual allergy/medical requirements are discussed upon enrolment in conjunction with each family and the Co-Directors

Is my child required to be immunised to attend Tugulawa?

The Tugulawa Management Committee (TMC) supports the Queensland Government’s commitment to immunisation as a key health priority and recognises the vulnerability of the very young children who are in our care. Therefore, we are unable to accept the attendance of children whose immunisation status is considered not up to date, or whose immunisation status is unknown or where proof is not provided.


Tugulawa Early Education requires parents to provide an updated immunisation history statement, obtained from the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR) after the child passes the 2, 4, 6, 12, 18 months and 4 years vaccination milestones.


Families will have 4 weeks to provide the requested documents supporting a child’s immunisation status after a request is made by Tugulawa without risk to their enrolment. If the family does not provide an immunisation history statement by the requested time, Tugulawa cancel the enrolment or refuse attendance until proof is provided (in this instance, families will be liable for payment of fees during this time).


This does not apply to children who have a medical contraindication to some or all scheduled vaccines, and/or are on a recognised vaccination catch-up plan (Evidence from a paediatrician or general practitioner will be required).


What is the enrolment process? - How to join our waiting list and book a tour

Waiting List:

Tugulawa is a high quality, small not-for-profit and as such, places are highly sought after therefore joining our waitlist at the earliest you can is highly recommended.

Tugulawa conducts one major enrolment intake for placement commencing January each year.

One of the questions that we frequently get asked by prospective families is how long they will be waiting for a position. This is very difficult to say as an offer is subject to availability, your child’s position on the wait list with regards to the days you have requested, your child’s age, date of your application and your family’s priority of access status. With these reasons in mind, wait times can vary significantly.

Positions beginning from January are certainly the easiest to accommodate as all our current children move into their next classroom and positions do become available. Midyear positions are trickier as they are generally reliant on families leaving the centre or dropping days.

If you are currently on our wait list, please be assured that our team will be in contact with you very promptly should a position for your child become available. 

Please be advised that there is a non-refundable $30 enrolment fee for families to join our waiting list. This payment should be processed in conjunction with submitting an application online. This payment does not guarantee your child a position at Tugulawa.

Booking a Tour:

Tours are conducted via appointment only to ensure minimal disruption to our learners and their environment and to ensure a personalised and informative experience for potential families.  You can arrange a tour by contacting us on 07 3399 8971 or emailing

Enrolment Process:

When a position becomes available, families will be contacted via phone or email with details of the offer. Once the position is accepted and finalised, families will have a thorough Orientation Meeting prior to commencing. 

A non-refundable $60 enrolment Fee is payable on acceptance of a place at Tugulawa.  

Tugulawa has set a Priority of Access procedure to support a fair and equitable process for positions being offered when there is a number of families who are on the wait list for a limited number of vacant places. The procedure has been developed based on the Australian Governments recommendations and the guidelines developed by the Tugulawa Management Committee.

Where a vacancy arises at Tugulawa Early Education that needs to be filled from the waiting list, families will be offered a position in the following order

  • First Priority: Child/ren who are at risk of serious abuse or neglect.
  • Second Priority: Working Families: Child/ren of a sole parent who satisfies, or parents who both satisfy, the activity test through paid employment.
  • Third Priority: Any other child

Within these categories, priority will be given to families who meet the following subcategories (in no particular order):

  • Children and Families who identify as Aboriginal of Torres Strait Islander;
  • Children whose family includes a disabled person;
  • Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Children and Families;
  • Children of Staff Members. This priority will be used for places on the staff members working days only.
Kindergarten Information

At Tugulawa, we offer a Queensland Government Approved Kindergarten Program.

 An Approved Kindergarten Program is one that:

Our Kindergarten program is delivered over 5 days each week by our full time, university qualified Early Childhood Teacher who is supported by fantastic and experienced Educators. Our Kindy program is specifically tailored to allow children to access a vibrant Kindergarten experience which supports working families with flexibility around days, longer hours and being open throughout school holidays.  The great advantage of our program running 5 days per week is that no matter what pattern of days your child attends, they are always a part of the program. 

We have a multi-age environment, with shared outdoor spaces for children from 6 months right up to our Kindy aged children.  This also allows for the Kindy children to have time with their siblings and to have relationships with children of all ages, crucial to their social development.  This can also be of great comfort when saying ‘goodbye’ and is very convenient for our families to have just one drop off point and time! 

Pending avalibility, Tugulawa is able to support families who are attending sessional Kindergarten programs (eg: Gowrie) with days including the opportunity to pick up extra casual days during school holidays. The daily fee for children enrolled under this intake is $171.

Please find below a link to the Funded Kindergarten Program – Statement of Fees for Long Day Care Services.

2024 kindy-funding-statement-of-fees