Centre Chef and Nutrition Coordinator – Sandra

Sandra is our full time Nutritional Coordinator at Tugulawa Early Education. Sandra is a fully qualified chef, and a Food Safety Supervisor. Our menu is developed in conjunction with Nutrition Australia, and is planned, prepared and cooked by Sandra each week. Our children enjoy fresh, flavorsome and lovingly prepared meals. Sandra not only shows an interest in the healthy eating habits of the children but also enjoys spending time in all the rooms getting to know everyone and sharing her love of cooking with the children.

Here is a sample of our menu:

Designing the Program

Educators at Tugulawa Early Education use Story park to share many aspects of children’s learning journey’s  with families through photos, videos, observations, learning stories and learning summaries.  Families are in control of their Story park account, and of who can see what is posted on it. 

How is your child’s learning visible?

Each child in our care also has an individual hard copy portfolio that contains a variety of examples where they have displayed different aspects of learning and provides a tangible record of learning they are able to share and reflect with.  These are labelled as such so that you can understand and see first-hand what learning is taking place and how your child is progressing.

Digital and Hard copy portfolio entries may include learning stories, learning journeys, conversations, photographs, artworks, and other child observations that will demonstrate how your child is developing and becoming more competent at a variety of tasks over the year.`

We invite families to login to Storypark and enjoy their portfolio or view their hardcopy portfolios in the classrooms with their child, and add their commentsand feedback

Brochures for download:

Emergent Curriculum

What children learn and need to learn before Prep

Parent Fact Sheet – Supporting Your Child in Early Childhood


Staying Healthy

Staying Healthy in Child Care

According to policy, Tugulawa Early Education requests that children who are showing symptoms of illness be kept at home until they are well enough to attend the Centre again. This helps with reducing cross infection and therefore increases children’s attendance through the year. We, and families across the Centre, appreciate everybody’s assistance with this. The National Health and Medical Research Council publish a schedule which we apply.

Queensland Government Exclusion Schedule for Childhood Illness

Guidelines for identifying symptoms and dealing with medical conditions in the Early Childhood Setting.

Staying Healthy in Child Care

We use the Queensland Government’s useful document on Healthy Eating and Physical Activity for Early Childhood Settings when planning our menu and designing our learning programs.

Get Up and Grow




The Tugulawa Management Committee (TMC) support the Queensland Government’s commitment to immunisation as a key health priority, and recognise the vulnerability of the very young children who are in our care. Therefore, we are unable to accept the attendance of children whose immunisation status is considered not up to date, or, whose immunisation status is unknown or where proof is not provided.


Tugulawa Early Education requires parents to provide an updated immunisation history statement, obtained from the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR) after the child passes the 2, 4, 6, 12, 18 months and 4 years vaccination milestones.


Families will have 4 weeks to provide approved documents supporting a child’s immunisation status after a request is made by Tugulawa. Requests will be made in writing and will ensure that families are aware of the consequences for the child’s continuing enrollment and attendance, should the family fail to provide this, or if the child’s immunisation status is not up to date.


If the family does not provide an immunisation history statement by the requested time, Tugulawa Early Education may:



This does not apply to children who:



Please refer to our Immunisation Policy for further details regarding the immunisation of children at Tugulawa.

Sun Safety.

Tugulawa Early Education ensures that the Centre is a safe and protective environment and that sun protection behaviours are integrated into daily activities, planning and procedures.  We joined with the Cancer Council Queensland’s National Sun Smart Program to further demonstrate our commitment to the future health of children, staff and parents.  We recognise that time outdoors forms a vital part of a balanced, developmentally appropriate program for children, and that children are in our care during the peak ultraviolet radiation times during the day. We are committed to minimising the UV exposure to our children when UV radiation levels are at their highest.



Tugulawa Early Education is committed to ensuring that all infants in our care have a safe and relaxing sleep routine, as per safe sleeping practices recommended by SIDS and Kids.


Please refer to our Rest Relaxation and safe sleeping practices policy for further details


Kids Safe

At Kids Safe Queensland you will find information, fact sheets, and videos on how to keep your children safe from harm.  This includes car seat installation and hire services, school safety, pool safety, and home and road safety.  A great resource for all families.







Find Out More About Early Learning

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